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Attica Lumber Builds Pole Barns for Ohio

The team at Attica Lumber can offer you a professionally designed and expertly constructed new pole barn. Whether you need additional storage for your tools and equipment, a brand-new garage or a home for your horses and livestock, we have all the pole building services you need. Our experienced team of licensed pole barn builders will ensure that your new barn or garage is built to last because we only use the highest quality materials for our custom pole barns.

Types of Pole Barns

At Attica Lumber, our professional team of designers will work with you when conceptualizing the pole barn building of your dreams.

As consumers, we want a bolder color, a larger size, new patterns, or a different latest style. If you need an option that is not listed here, please contact us, and we will do our best to incorporate it into your pole barn design.

Here are some examples of types of structures we use as base builds:

  • AG
  • Hobby Buildings
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Pole Barn Homes

Post-Frame Homes from Attica Lumber

Attica Lumber post-frame homes go up much faster than a traditional home because a foundation or basement is not required. Steel roofing and siding are also faster to apply than conventional home exteriors.

Attica Lumber post-frame homes are also easy to insulate. The design is flexible to accommodate any insulation or HVAC system.

Compared to a traditionally framed home, labor and materials typically cost less for an Attica Lumber post-frame home. Because there is no need for interior posts or load-bearing walls, adding or removing walls or even adding a second floor (depending on the height of the frame) is much easier and more cost-effective than with a traditional house. Adding extras like a porch or walk-in closet is possible without substantially raising the overall cost. The best part is that, over time, it costs less to maintain steel compared to traditional siding and asphalt or cedar shingles.

Post-Frame Construction for Ohio Homes

Post-frame construction is very versatile and is ideal for building incredibly beautiful homes. In addition to the traditional home design, some people have large shops with a smaller living space connected to it. Live, work and play in one building!

Attica Lumber post-frame construction offers open floor plan designs and limitless custom options to create a beautiful, warm living space that is uniquely you. Any interior or exterior design elements typically found in a traditional home gets included in an Attica Lumber pole barn home. There is no need to rely on interior posts or load bearing walls for structural support.

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