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Attica Lumber Offers Trusses for Building Projects

Attica Lumber is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wood trusses with over 98 years of experience in supplying post-frame and home projects.  Trusses are essential in the construction of any residential or commercial building, as they consist of rafters, posts, and struts that provide support for roofs, bridges, and other structures.  Our team has the expertise and resources necessary to ensure the correct and timely completion of your construction project, without the need to rely on external vendors.  Trust us to provide high-quality wood trusses to support your building needs.

frame of a building

In-House Truss Manufacturer

Attica Lumber has a personal in-house truss manufacturing facility that sets us apart from other builders and suppliers in North Central Ohio. With this advantage, we can efficiently build and supply jobs without the extended lead times of relying on external suppliers.

When you choose Attica Lumber for your build project, we work with you every step of the way. Our goal is to handle every aspect of the project, from providing the trusses to utilizing our team of contractors. With our comprehensive approach and expertise, you can trust us to handle your project with care and precision.

Attica Lumber Builds Trusses to Proper Code with Mitek

Attica Lumber’s commitment to quality and safety is evident in its use of Mitek Industries’ engineering to ensure that all trusses are manufactured to the appropriate building code.  Whether you need trusses for a residential, agricultural, or commercial project, Attica Lumber can provide scaled drawings to meet any building code requirements.  With the ability to build a variety of truss types including standard, storage, gambrel, attic, tray ceiling, and hip trusses, Attica Lumber has the expertise and resources to meet all your truss needs.


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