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By Harish Srinivasan

Green Posts Pole Barn (2023)
Green Posts Pole Barn (2023)

Green guard posts are becoming increasingly popular in pole barn construction, as they offer numerous benefits compared to traditional wooden posts. In this article, we’ll explore what green guard posts are, how they’re used in construction, and the benefits they offer.

What are green guard posts in pole barn construction?

Green PostTM is a viable solution for lumber posts, providing advanced technology and superior protection against rotten posts. The vulnerable area of the post is shrink-wrapped with a heavy-duty polyethylene wrap coated on the inside with bitumen. During the heat-shrinking process, the bitumen liquifies and penetrates the wood, providing a secondary moisture-resistant layer. The tough polyethylene outer layer provides physical protection.

The Green PostTM wrap significantly increases the service life of posts, while the uplift restraint notch provides superior resistance to wind uplift. Green guard posts are treated wooden posts that have been pressure-treated with a waterborne preservative that contains a built-in insecticide and fungicide. This treatment helps to protect the wood against decay, insects, and fungal growth, extending the lifespan of the posts. Green guard posts are also treated with a green colorant that helps to identify the treated wood and distinguish it from untreated wood – also helping to protect the wood from harmful UV rays.

How are green guard posts used in pole barn construction?

Green guard posts are typically used as vertical support posts in pole barn construction. They are set into the ground and anchored with concrete footings to provide a stable foundation for the pole barn.

Green guard posts come in a variety of sizes and lengths, making them suitable for a wide range of pole barn designs and applications. They can be used for everything from small storage sheds to large commercial buildings.

Pole Barn Green Posts (2023)
Green Posts on Pole Barn (2023)

Benefits of Using Green Gard Posts in Pole Barn Construction

Durability: One of the primary benefits of using green guard posts in pole barn construction is their increased durability. The pressure-treatment process used on green guard posts makes them more resistant to decay, insects, and fungal growth. This results in a longer-lasting, more durable post that requires less maintenance over time. In fact, green guard posts are known to last up to three times longer than untreated wood, making them an ideal choice for pole barns that are intended to stand the test of time.

Sustainability: Another important benefit of using green guard posts in pole barn construction is their sustainability. Green guard posts are made from renewable, natural resources such as wood, which makes them an environmentally sustainable option for builders who want to minimize their impact on the environment. Additionally, green guard posts are treated with a waterborne preservative that is safe for the environment, making them a great choice for builders who are looking for eco-friendly materials.

Cost-Effectiveness: Green guard posts are more affordable than metal posts, yet offer similar levels of durability and strength. This makes them an attractive option for builders looking to reduce costs without compromising on quality. Additionally, because green guard posts are treated with preservatives, they require less maintenance over time, which can further reduce costs for the builder.

Aesthetics: these guard posts are treated with a green colorant that enhances the natural beauty of the wood and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the pole barn. This makes them a great option for builders who want their pole barn to look attractive as well as functional. The green color also makes the posts easily identifiable as treated wood, which can be important for building code compliance.

Ease of Use: Green guard posts can be cut and drilled just like traditional wooden posts, making them easy to work with and customize to fit specific pole barn designs. Additionally, because green guard posts are treated with preservatives, they are less likely to split or warp during installation, which can further ease the building process for the builder.

In conclusion, the benefits of using green guard posts in pole barn construction are numerous. They offer increased durability, sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and aesthetics, as well as ease of use during installation. If you are considering building a pole barn, be sure to explore the advantages of using green guard posts in your design. With their many benefits, green guard posts are a great option for builders who want to ensure they last for years to come while minimizing their environmental impact.

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